3 Types of lightning risk mitigations for Malaysian factory Owners

3 Types of lightning risk mitigations for Malaysian factory Owners


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All Types Lighting Risk Mitigations Installations Setup

Above all, factory owner must consider some of the effort to do lightning risk mitigations. some of these are location, function, and quality of protection are among the strongest determinant factor whether a facility needs lightning protection, warning, or strike counters. as an effort to prevent any damage caused by lightning strike. Let’s break down each system of lightning risk mitigations effort for factory owner:

1. Lightning Protection System

LPS safeguard buildings and its people. Lightning rods (air terminals) on the roof, down conductors, and deep-buried grounding rods make it up. The technology safely diverts lightning discharge away from the structure by providing a low-resistance path.

Main Purpose of Installation

Installing a lightning protection system is highly recommended for tall buildings, structures located in areas with a high frequency of thunderstorms, or buildings that house sensitive equipment and valuable assets. It significantly reduces the risk of fire, structural damage, and injury caused by lightning strikes.

2. Lightning warning System

A lightning warning system is designed to provide advanced notice of approaching thunderstorms and potential lightning strikes. It typically involves lightning detection sensors that can detect the electromagnetic signals associated with lightning activity. The system can sound sirens, alerts, or send mobile messages when thunderstorms are detected within a specified range.

Main Purpose of Installation

Lightning warning systems are particularly useful for outdoor venues, sports fields, construction sites, and areas where large gatherings occur. They give people time to seek shelter and take necessary precautions before lightning poses a threat.

3. Lightning Strike Counter

Tall buildings, structures in thunderstorm-prone areas, and buildings with sensitive equipment and valuable assets should have lightning protection systems. It greatly decreases lightning-related fires, building damage, and injuries. It provides valuable data for tracking lightning activity and evaluating the effectiveness of a lightning protection system.

Main Purpose of Installation

The decision to install a lightning strike counter depends on the specific needs and requirements of the building owner or manager. It can be beneficial for monitoring lightning activity over time, especially if the building is in a region prone to frequent thunderstorms.

Which One Should You Install for Your Premise?

In summary, it is possible and sometimes the best efforts is to install all three systems for the same building, especially if the building is at risk of lightning strikes or if there are safety concerns for the occupants. However, the necessity and priority of each system should be assessed based on the building’s location, usage, and overall risk assessment. Consulting with a qualified lightning protection specialist or engineer is essential to determine the most appropriate lightning safety measures for the specific building or structure.

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