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Since 1979, TAKO's ESD products have gained immense popularity in the local semiconductors and related industries.

Today, TAKO has become one of the leading and most experienced ESD product manufacturers in the world, with offices in several countries and a broad customer base overseas.

TAKO has developed and submitted thirty patent applications for ESD products, and many have been granted patent protection. Some of these products are successfully sold in the ASEAN region, Europe, USA, and other parts of the world.

Our Core Competencies

TAKO, Core Competencies, Design, Implementation, Solution

Design & Implementation of Lightning Protection Solutions

All TAKO’s staff are qualified and in full compliance to the guidelines that is stipulated by the Ministry of Manpower.

TAKO, Core Competencies, Surge Analysis

Surge Protection Investigative

Overcome down-time, productivity loss, and data corruption.

TAKO, Core Competencies, Annual Maintenance

Annual Lighting Maintenance Programs

From analysis to testing and data collection, to reports and recommendations.

Some Cool Facts about TAKO

Numbers Speak For Themselves

Certified Inventions
Years of Experience

We are Certified with MS IEC 62305

TAKO, Certification, MSIEC62305, Risk Assessment, Lightning Protection System, Service Provided

TAKO earthing and lightning protection system plan also provide lightning protection risk assessment software that cater to Malaysia kind of environment. Our risk assessment also comply with Malaysia parameter along with latest standard of the version, MS IEC 62305 for protection against lightning. 

Our Award and Recognition

TAKO Award Recognition, Lightning Protection System

Our ISO Certification

ISO Certification, TAKO, Lightning Protection System

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Earthing and Lightning Protection System, TAKO, Past Clients,2

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