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TAKO since 1979: 21+ Years of Expertise as the Best Home Lightning Protection

Protecting your home from unexpected weather is crucial. Investing in the best home lightning protection system is vital for this. Lightning strikes can cause serious damage to your property and put your safety at risk. So, it’s important to take action to reduce these dangers.

Understanding the Importance of Lightning Protection System

Best home lightning protection by TAKO since 1979

Lightning is a powerful natural phenomenon that can cause extensive damage to buildings, electronics, and even human lives. Without adequate protection, homes are vulnerable to structural fires, electrical surges, and costly repairs. By installing a reliable lightning protection system (LPS), homeowners can effectively shield their properties from these potential hazards.

Choosing the Right LPS

With a myriad of options available on the market, selecting the best home lightning protection system can be overwhelming. To find the perfect solution, consider your home’s size, location, and budget. This helps narrow down your choices.

Key Components of a LPS

A comprehensive lightning protection system design typically consists of several key components, including:

Lightning Rods

Lightning rods, or in other names, air terminals or lightning arresters. In TAKO, we install early streamer emission lightning arresters due to its benefits. Experts place lightning rods at the top of buildings to divert lightning strikes away from the structure and toward the ground.


Conductors, like copper or aluminum cables, transfer the electrical energy from lightning strikes safely into the ground.

Grounding Systems

Grounding Systems create a pathway for lightning discharges. The surges will dissipate harmlessly into the earth, protecting buildings and people from lightning damage.

Surge Protective Device

A surge protector acts as a barrier against sudden electric shock caused by lightning strikes. It diverts excess electrical energy away from sensitive equipment and electrical systems, preventing damage and ensuring the safety of connected devices.

Benefits of LPS

The advantages of installing a lightning protection system in your home are numerous and include:

  • Property Protection: Shield your home from structural damage and fire caused by lightning strikes.
  • Electronics Safety: Safeguard sensitive electronic equipment from power surges and the effects of lightning.
  • Personal Safety: Protect yourself and your family from the risk of injury or death during a lightning storm.
TAKO since 1979 as the Best Lightning Protection System Provider

Protecting You with the Best Home Lightning Protection Systems

It’s better to hire trained professionals like TAKO to install lightning protection systems instead of doing it yourself. TAKO’s experts know how to install the system correctly and make sure it meets safety standards.

Also, it’s important to regularly maintain and inspect the lightning protection system. By scheduling routine checks, homeowners can find any problems early and fix them quickly to keep their homes safe.


In conclusion, getting the best home lightning protection system is smart for homeowners who want to keep their properties and loved ones safe. Recognizing how crucial lightning protection is can give homeowners peace of mind. Knowing that their homes are safe from nature’s damaging powers is reassuring.

FAQ Section

What is the best protection against lightning?

The best protection against lightning involves a comprehensive lightning protection system. TAKO provides total solutions for lightning protection. This includes installing lightning arresters, earthing systems, and lightning warning systems. We prioritize safety to protect your property from lightning strikes.

How can I protect my house from lightning?

TAKO provides a tailored lightning protection plan for your home, ensuring comprehensive safety. Our services include site inspection, risk assessment, and installing lightning protection systems. We analyze your property’s specific needs. Then, we create a tailored solution to reduce the risks of lightning strikes.

Is home lightning protection worth it?

Absolutely. Studies have shown that lightning protection systems effectively reduce injuries and fatalities. TAKO’s expertise, backed by MS IEC 62305 certification, ensures that our solutions meet stringent standards. Investing in home lightning protection is a proactive measure that significantly lowers the risks associated with lightning-related events.

What is the best brand of lightning protection?

TAKO is a leading name in lightning protection solutions, offering unmatched expertise. We use high-quality materials certified by ISO, and adhere to MS IEC 62305 standards. Choose TAKO for a reliable and effective solution.

TAKO is providing total solutions; from A to Z. Your Safety, Our Priority.
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