TAKO since 1979: 3 Benefits Of Our Cost Effective Commercial Lighting Protection System

TAKO since 1979 3 Benefits Of Our Cost Effective Commercial Lighting Protection System

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As a pioneer in the field of lightning protection systems since 1979, TAKO has established a solid reputation for offering cost effective innovative solutions designed for commercial environments. With more than 40 years of experience, TAKO has proven time and time again to be an expert in protecting commercial facilities from the damaging consequences of lightning strikes.

Their all-encompassing strategy combines cutting edge technology, creative design, and painstaking engineering to provide enterprises, sectors, and organizations with unmatched protection. Due to their unwavering innovation and dedication to quality, TAKO has become the go-to option for commercial lighting protection systems, earning the trust of customers all over the world.

In today’s ever-changing business environment, maintaining the safety and security of commercial properties from the unpredictable threat of lightning strikes is critical. TAKO, a pioneer in lightning protection systems since 1979, provides a complete variety of cost-effective solutions to manage risks and protect businesses from potential losses.

Clients benefit from TAKO’s dedication to quality, which includes not just cutting-edge technology and inventive design, but also free site visits and risk assessment audits conducted by their proprietary software. By complying to MS IEC’s strict requirements, TAKO ensures that their solutions are not only effective but also comply with industry rules, giving clients piece of mind and confidence in their investment. We will delve deeper into these topics later in the blog, exploring the three key benefits of TAKO’s cost-effective commercial lighting protection systems.

TAKO since 1979's Commercial Lightning Protection System


TAKO since 1979’s commercial lighting protection system stands as a beacon of safety for buildings and their occupants through a multifaceted approach. Firstly, the system is meticulously designed to intercept lightning strikes and divert their potentially catastrophic energy away from the structure.

This proactive measure greatly reduces the risk of fire, structural damage, and harm to occupants. Additionally, TAKO’s system incorporates robust grounding techniques to dissipate electrical charges safely into the ground, further enhancing the building’s resilience against lightning-related incidents.

Moreover, TAKO’s adherence to industry standards such as MS IEC ensures that their systems are engineered to withstand the rigors of real-world lightning events, providing a reliable safeguard for both property and people. Overall, TAKO’s commercial lighting protection system offers a comprehensive solution that prioritizes safety and peace of mind for building occupants and owners alike.

Reduction of Potential Damage Caused By Lightning Strikes

Since 1979, TAKO’s commercial lighting protection system has played an important role in limiting the potential damage and loss caused by lightning strikes. By utilizing innovative technology and strategically placing lightning rods, the system effectively intercepts lightning strikes before they reach key building components. This interception method dramatically lowers the danger of structural damage, fires, and equipment failures caused by direct lightning strikes.

Furthermore, TAKO’s system contains surge protection devices that protect sensitive electronics and electrical systems throughout the facility, avoiding costly damage and downtime. TAKO’s commercial lighting protection technology helps organizations limit possible financial losses connected with lightning-related accidents by implementing preemptive steps that ensure operational continuity and preserve important assets.



TAKO's Risk Assessment MS IEC 62305

MS IEC 62305 is a critical Malaysian standard designed to protect buildings and structures from the devastating power of lightning strikes. This comprehensive standard establishes precise methods for designing, installing, inspecting, and maintaining lightning protection systems across Malaysia. Its framework is divided into four important elements, the first of which is risk assessment, which assesses the possibility of lightning strikes based on characteristics such as location, size, and structural function.

Following that, the design step entails carefully selecting components such as lightning rods, conductors, and surge protection devices to strengthen the structure against potential harm. To ensure optimal functionality, installation and commissioning are carried out strictly in accordance with the design specifications.

Regular inspections and maintenance are required to ensure that the lightning protection system remains effective over time. By following the rules outlined in MS IEC 62305, the standard aims to reduce the danger of building damage while prioritizing the safety of everyone inside and around these structures.






Commercial Lighting Protection System Free site visit worth RM 380

Since 1979, TAKO has provided a complimentary site visit valued at RM 380 for commercial lighting protection systems. This effort demonstrates their dedication to delivering complete solutions that are suited to your individual requirements. During the site visit, their skilled specialists do a full examination of your property, detecting any weaknesses and recommending the best lightning protection methods.

TAKO protects your commercial property from lightning strikes by using our knowledge and cutting-edge technology. Take advantage of this essential service immediately to protect your organization against potential threats.



Reliability and Durability of TAKO's Commercial Lighting Protection System

Businesses can rely on TAKO’s commercial lighting protection system to shield them from the unpredictability of lightning strikes because of its outstanding dependability and longevity. Below is a summary of the main elements that support our system’s dependability and longevity:

  1. Robust Construction: Our lightning protection systems are built to withstand the harshest environmental conditions and endure the test of time. We utilize high-quality materials and employ rigorous construction standards to ensure structural integrity and resilience against external forces.

  2. Rigorous Testing: Before deployment, each component of our lightning protection system undergoes thorough testing and quality assurance protocols to verify performance and durability. From lightning rods to conductors and surge protection devices, every element is scrutinized to meet stringent industry standards and exceed customer expectations.

  3. Engineering Expertise: TAKO boasts a team of seasoned engineers and technical specialists who bring extensive expertise to the design and implementation of our lightning protection systems. Through meticulous planning and precision engineering, we ensure that our solutions are tailored to the unique requirements of each commercial property, maximizing reliability and effectiveness.

  4. Long-Term Performance: Our commitment to delivering long-term performance and peace of mind is reflected in the durability of our lightning protection systems. With regular maintenance and periodic inspections, we help businesses safeguard their assets and operations against lightning-related risks, ensuring uninterrupted functionality and operational continuity.

  5. Industry Compliance: TAKO’s commercial lighting protection systems adhere to industry best practices and regulatory standards, including MS IEC 62305, ensuring compliance and reliability in accordance with Malaysian regulations. By staying abreast of the latest advancements and updates in lightning protection technology, we continuously enhance the reliability and durability of our solutions to meet evolving customer needs.

In summary, TAKO’s commercial lighting protection system is engineered for reliability and durability, offering businesses a dependable defense against the destructive forces of lightning. With robust construction, rigorous testing, engineering expertise, long-term performance, and industry compliance, our system provides unmatched peace of mind and protection for commercial properties across various industries.


TAKO Commercial Lighting Protection System Real Life Application

High Rise Building - Commercial​

TAKO's Award and Recognition

TAKO Award Recognition, Lightning Protection System


To sum up, TAKO’s all-encompassing strategy for lightning protection includes stringent risk assessment processes that are in line with MS IEC 62305 requirements, guaranteeing thorough coverage against potential lightning-related harm. The added benefit of a free site visit, valued at RM 380, highlights TAKO’s dedication to providing customized service and solutions that enable companies to successfully manage weaknesses.

Moreover, TAKO’s commercial lighting protection systems’ innate dependability and robustness offer long-term peace of mind by defending assets and operations against nature’s capricious forces. Businesses may confidently and assuredly reduce risks, maximize safety precautions, and strengthen their defenses against lightning-related threats when they work with TAKO as a reliable partner.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the three basic components of lightning protection?

Lightning protection systems are essential for safeguarding structures and occupants against the destructive forces of lightning strikes. TAKO since 1979, a leading provider in lightning protection solutions, offers a range of systems designed to meet diverse needs and requirements. The primary types of lightning protection systems include:

  1. Traditional Lightning Rod Systems: These systems consist of lightning rods, also known as air terminals, strategically placed on the highest points of a structure. Conductors are then installed to channel the electrical charge from the lightning strike safely to the ground.

  2. Early Streamer Emission (ESE) Systems: ESE systems work by emitting a streamer ahead of the descending lightning leader, effectively enhancing the protection radius. TAKO since 1979 specializes in MS IEC 62305 certified ESE systems, ensuring advanced protection for various applications.

  3. Surge Protection Devices (SPDs): Surge protection devices are crucial components in lightning protection systems, designed to safeguard electrical and electronic equipment from transient voltage surges caused by lightning strikes. TAKO offers a range of SPDs tailored to different needs, providing an additional layer of defense against lightning-induced damage.

By incorporating these components into their lightning protection systems, TAKO since 1979 ensures comprehensive protection against lightning strikes, offering peace of mind to property owners and occupants alike.

What is the minimum height for lightning protection?

When it comes to lightning protection, the height of lightning rods or air terminals plays a crucial role in effectively intercepting lightning strikes and safeguarding structures. TAKO since 1979, a renowned provider of lightning protection solutions, adheres to industry standards and guidelines to ensure optimal protection for its clients.

According to MS IEC 62305, the international standard for lightning protection, the minimum height for lightning protection is typically determined based on factors such as the height of the structure, its surroundings, and the local lightning environment. Generally, lightning rods should be positioned at the highest points of a structure to maximize their effectiveness in attracting lightning strikes.

TAKO since 1979 employs skilled professionals who conduct thorough risk assessments and site evaluations to determine the ideal placement and height of lightning protection systems for each project. By adhering to industry standards and leveraging its expertise, TAKO ensures that its lightning protection solutions meet or exceed the minimum height requirements, providing reliable protection against lightning-induced damage for its clients’ properties.

How long does lightning protection last?

The longevity of lightning protection systems depends on various factors, including the quality of materials used, installation techniques, and environmental conditions. TAKO since 1979, a leading provider of lightning protection solutions, ensures the durability and reliability of its systems through meticulous design, high-quality components, and expert installation practices.

Typically, lightning protection systems installed by TAKO since 1979 are designed to last for decades, providing long-term protection against lightning strikes and associated damage. The materials used in the construction of lightning rods, conductors, and grounding systems are selected for their resistance to corrosion, UV degradation, and other environmental factors that could affect their performance over time.

Additionally, TAKO’s lightning protection systems are backed by regular inspection and maintenance programs to ensure that they remain in optimal condition throughout their lifespan. By adhering to industry best practices and leveraging its decades of experience, TAKO since 1979 offers clients peace of mind knowing that their properties are protected by durable and reliable lightning protection systems designed to withstand the test of time.

What is the standard for lightning protection in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, the standard for lightning protection is defined by MS IEC 62305, which outlines the requirements for designing, installing, inspecting, and maintaining lightning protection systems. TAKO since 1979, a trusted name in lightning protection solutions, adheres strictly to the guidelines set forth by MS IEC 62305 to ensure the highest level of safety and effectiveness in its lightning protection systems. By complying with this standard, TAKO ensures that its solutions are not only efficient but also compliant with industry regulations, offering clients peace of mind and confidence in their investment.

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