Lightning Protection Grounding System: 21+ Years of Expertise TAKO Since 1979 in Malaysia

Lightning Protection Grounding System

Introduction of Lightning Protection Grounding System

TAKO since 1979 Lightning Protection

In the realm of structural safety, the crucial role of lightning protection and grounding systems cannot be overstated. Since its inception in 1979, TAKO has been a stalwart in ensuring the resilience of structures across Malaysia. This exploration delves into the intricacies of lightning protection grounding system, shedding light on how TAKO’s unwavering expertise has shaped the safety landscape.

Historical Milestones

TAKO's Achievement 1
TAKO's Achievement 2
TAKO's Achievement 3
TAKO's Achievement 4
TAKO's Achievement 5

TAKO’s journey in the realm of lightning protection has been marked by significant milestones. From pioneering projects to industry benchmarks, the company’s trajectory underscores a legacy of excellence and commitment to advancing safety standards in Malaysia.

Since 1979, TAKO has been at the forefront of safeguarding lives, structures, and valuable equipment from the harmful effects of lightning strikes. Their commitment to excellence spans over 21 years, during which they’ve continuously evolved and innovated.

TAKO’s well-installed lightning protection system establishes a secure path for lightning currents, significantly reducing the risk of harm to occupants. It also prevents fires, structural damage, and harm to electronic equipment by safely directing electrical currents to the ground. TAKO adheres to the MS IEC 62305 standard, specifically tailored for Malaysia, ensuring the design, installation, and maintenance of effective Lightning Protection Systems (LPS). Our Total Solutions cover site inspections and meticulously designed grounding systems, setting new benchmarks for effectiveness and reliability.

With over 36 certified inventions, TAKO consistently delivers excellence, preventing losses due to lightning damage. Their legacy of excellence continues to shape safety standards and protect lives and property across Malaysia. 🌩️⚡ For electrifying details, explore TAKO’s website [HERE].

Components of a Lightning Protection Grounding System

Grounding System

Air Terminals System (Lightning Rods):

This component plays a crucial role in grounding systems by using lightning rods to attract and safely redirect lightning strikes. Lightning rods are strategically installed to provide a controlled path for the discharge of electrical energy, thereby protecting structures and equipment.

Lightning Conductors:

Lightning conductors are essential in safely channeling electrical energy to the ground. Carefully selected conductive materials and precise placement ensure a controlled path from the lightning rods, preventing potential damage to sensitive equipment.

Ground Connections (Earth Electrodes):

Foundational to effective grounding, earth electrodes involve the installation of various grounding systems. These systems are strategically placed to optimize conductivity, creating a reliable path for electrical energy to dissipate safely into the ground.


Bonding is a critical concept in grounding, involving the connection of various elements within a structure to prevent potential differences. This step ensures seamless electrical current flow, reducing the risk of electrical shocks and equipment damage.

Lightning Arresters (Surge Protectors):

Surge protectors, also known as lightning arresters, divert lightning energy away from sensitive equipment. Integrated strategically, these devices protect against potential damage caused by power surges, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the grounding solution.

TAKO’s Approach

Meticulous Site Assessment

Site Assessment

TAKO begins by conducting a meticulous site assessment. Armed with this information, TAKO tailors its lightning protection and grounding system recommendations to suit the unique characteristics of each location. This involves evaluating various critical factors:

  • Structures: TAKO examines the architecture and layout of the building. Are there any high points or vulnerable areas that need special attention?
  • Soil Conditions: Soil plays a crucial role in grounding systems. TAKO analyzes soil resistivity and conductivity to determine the most effective grounding solutions.
  • Risk Factors: TAKO assesses the local climate, historical lightning strike data, and other risk factors specific to the site.

Customized Solutions

TAKO doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, it crafts custom grounding systems based on specific needs. Whether it’s a residential building, commercial complex, or industrial facility, TAKO ensures that the grounding system aligns with the purpose and usage of the structure. By understanding the client’s requirements, TAKO designs a personalized solution that maximizes safety and minimizes risk

Customized Solutions

Compliance with Standards

Compliance with standards

TAKO’s commitment extends beyond just functionality—it also emphasizes adherence to international standards and local regulations. The lightning protection grounding system implemented by TAKO meet or exceed industry standards, ensuring optimal effectiveness. Compliance is not just a checkbox; it’s a fundamental aspect of TAKO’s work. By following established guidelines, TAKO provides peace of mind to its clients.

Delve deeper into TAKO’s successful projects. Click here to explore case studies showcasing our expertise in safeguarding high-rise buildings, industrial facilities, and residential properties.

Case Studies

High-Rise Buildings

High Rise Buildings 1
High Rise Buildings 2
High Rise Buildings 3

Challenge: Skyscrapers face unique lightning risks due to their height and exposure. Ensuring occupant safety and protecting valuable assets within these structures is critical.

Solution: TAKO’s tailored lightning protection grounding system provides a comprehensive shield for high-rise buildings. By strategically installing lightning arresters and grounding systems, TAKO redirects electrical currents away from critical areas. Real-world success stories demonstrate how TAKO fortifies towering structures against lightning strikes.

Industrial Facilities

Industrial Facilities

Challenge: Factories, substations, and data centers house essential equipment and machinery. Lightning strikes can disrupt operations, cause fires, and damage sensitive electronics.

Solution: TAKO’s grounding solutions address these challenges head-on. Rigorous risk assessments, adherence to the MS IEC 62305 standard, and customized lightning protection systems ensure uninterrupted industrial processes. From lightning rods to robust grounding grids, TAKO safeguards critical infrastructure.

Residential Properties

Challenge: Homes and communities need reliable protection against lightning. Electrical appliances, communication systems, and personal safety are at stake.

Solution: TAKO’s innovative grounding solutions create a safe environment for residents. By integrating surge protectors, grounding rods, and lightning arresters, TAKO minimizes risks. Whether it’s a single-family home or a housing complex, TAKO ensures peace of mind during storms.

Residential Properties

Maintenance and Testing

Maintenance and Testing

Regular Inspections

Highlighting the importance of regular inspections, including frequency and methods employed by TAKO to ensure system integrity.

Rigorous Testing Procedures

Exploring TAKO’s rigorous testing procedures, verifying conductivity and overall system effectiveness.

Technological Upgrades

Addressing the necessity of keeping up with technological advancements and TAKO’s role in system upgrades.

Malaysia-Specific Considerations

Tailoring Solutions for Local Needs

TAKO's ISO Certifications

Acknowledging Malaysia’s unique lightning frequency, soil conditions, and building codes, and how TAKO’s local expertise addresses these specific considerations.

Comprehensive Solutions:

TAKO provides a one-stop solution for all types of buildings, ensuring protection from lightning strikes. Whether it’s residential, commercial, or industrial structures, TAKO has you covered.

Active ESE Lightning Protection System:

TAKO offers an ESE (Early Streamer Emission) lightning protection system for building structures. This system detects and intercepts lightning strikes before they reach critical areas, minimizing damage. The ESE system is particularly effective in regions with high lightning frequency, such as Malaysia.

Earthing System:

Effective grounding is crucial for lightning protection. TAKO ensures proper earthing systems are in place to disperse lightning energy safely into the ground. By adhering to the MS IEC Malaysia standard, TAKO ensures that earthing practices meet local requirements.

Protection for Electrical & Electronic Equipment:

Surge Protection: TAKO safeguards lift control panels, fire alarms, power distribution systems, CCTV, PABX systems, and other electronic devices from transient overvoltages caused by lightning. Surge protectors are strategically installed to prevent equipment damage.

Power Surge Protection: Ensures uninterrupted power supply during lightning events. TAKO integrates surge protection devices into the electrical infrastructure to prevent power disruptions.

Device Electronic Surge Protection: Sensitive equipment, such as computers, servers, and communication devices, receives specialized surge protection. This shields them from voltage spikes induced by lightning.

Problem-Solving Guaranteed: TAKO takes care of every aspect of your lightning protection system, leaving you with zero worries during thunderstorms. Their experienced team conducts thorough assessments, designs customized solutions, and ensures proper installation and maintenance.

Engineer of Mechanical Plant Checking the electronic circuit of the machine to check readiness before starting the next cycle
Home lightning protection system

Staying Ahead

TAKO, with 40 years of experience, ensures robust lightning protection grounding systems through meticulous site assessments, customized solutions, and unwavering compliance with international standards. Their forward-thinking approach embraces smart monitoring systems, advanced materials, and self-healing solutions, keeping them at the forefront of industry advancements.


As we conclude this journey into TAKO’s expertise in lightning protection grounding systems, it’s clear that their legacy extends beyond structures. It’s a legacy of excellence, innovation, and a relentless commitment to ensuring the safety of Malaysia’s built environment. Prioritize safety, seek expert guidance, and partner with TAKO to fortify your structures against the unpredictable forces of nature.

Thank you for embarking on this journey to understand the pivotal role of lightning protection grounding systems with TAKO. Now, it’s time to take a proactive step towards safeguarding your structures and investments. Here’s how you can move forward:

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What is the purpose of a lightning protection grounding system?

The primary purpose of a lightning protection grounding system is to provide a controlled path for lightning strikes, ensuring the safe dissipation of electrical energy into the ground. This protects structures, equipment, and occupants from potential damage and harm during lightning events.

How does TAKO’s expertise contribute to lightning protection?

TAKO’s expertise lies in its meticulous approach to site assessment, customized solutions, and strict compliance with international standards. With over 21 years of experience, TAKO crafts tailored grounding systems that prioritize safety and resilience against lightning strikes.

Can a lightning protection grounding system be customized for different structures?

Yes, TAKO specializes in providing customized solutions for various structures, including high-rise buildings, industrial facilities, residential properties, and more. Each grounding system is tailored based on the specific needs and risk factors associated with the structure.

What role do surge protectors (lightning arresters) play in lightning protection?

Surge protectors, or lightning arresters, divert the electrical energy from lightning strikes away from sensitive equipment. By integrating these devices strategically, TAKO ensures an additional layer of protection against potential damage caused by power surges.

Can I schedule a consultation with TAKO to discuss lightning protection for my structure?

Absolutely. To initiate a proactive step towards fortifying your structures, you can schedule a personalized consultation with TAKO’s experts. Click here to book your consultation slot.

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