Earthing System in Malaysia

Why earthing System in Malaysia is important ?
The role of earth rod and earth plate

In Malaysia, the lightning earthing and grounding system play a crucial role in earthing and lightning protection systems. Earthing ensures the safety of electrical installations and equipment, as well as protecting people and property from electrical hazards and lightning strike. The Malaysian Electrical Code of Practice (MECOP) governs all the lightning protection system practice in malaysia , which provides guidelines and regulations for the design, installation, and maintenance of earthing systems in various electrical installations.

We drive earth rod or lightning rod into the ground, on the other had, we buried earth plate electrical is a flat metal plate in the ground. Along with protective conductor, they create a low-resistance path for electrical current to flow into the ground and are both essential components of a grounding system. There isn’t a single “best” earthing method that works for every situation. 

In addition to the design and installation of earthing systems, regular maintenance, and testing are also important to ensure their continued effectiveness. We ensure our Earthing systems inspection and testing done periodically to ensure that the earth electrode resistance is still within the permissible limits and that the connections and conductors are free from corrosion and damage.

Earth Plate, Earth Rod TAKO

According to the National Electrical Code (NEC), at least one grounding electrode (earthing rod or earthing plate) is required for electrical installations. The ability of an earth plate electrical or rod to provide good grounding depends on a few things : 

  • Composition and moisture content of the soil as the soil can conduct electricity. 
  • The length and thickness of the earth plate electrical or rod. 

There isn’t a single “best” earthing method that works for every situation. The best earthing and lightning protection system depends on your property’s condition. The most common earthing method is pipe rods where each method has its advantages and disadvantages. To understand more about the earthing system: Earth Rod and Earth Plate in Malaysia, visit our blog post.

What is the differences between earth rod and electrode ?

Ground electrical systems consist of ground rod and an electrode, however they are different from each other in practise. A ground rod is a long metal rod that normally professional put in the ground to connect the electrical system with the earth. It is usually used with a hole in the ground filled with a special mixture to help the connection work better.

An electrode is anything that can connect an electrical system to the earth. It can be a metal water pipe, a metal building frame, or even a buried metal object like a metal plate or a wire mesh. It also need ground conductor and ground rods to work effectively. 

The main difference between both of them is how they are made and used. An earth rod is a specific type of electrode that is put into the ground, while an electrode can be any material that helps connect the electrical system to the ground. Installation of a complete earthing system will help you to ensure a safe and secure grounding system. These are consider as external lightning protection while surge protection devices are internal lightning protection.

What is Malaysia Earthing Standard ?

The Malaysian lightning earthing standard is a set of guidelines that tell us how to make sure our electrical installations are safe and working properly. It helps us design and install earthing systems correctly, so we don’t get shocked or start a fire. It also helps protect our equipment and infrastructure from damage.

The standard covers different aspects of earthing, like picking the right earthing system, using the right size of earthing conductors, and testing and maintaining the system. Electrical engineers, contractors, and other professionals use the standard to make sure they are doing everything correctly. We are following the standard required by the Energy Commission of Malaysia to approve electrical installations.

What are the type of earthing system ?

There are several types of earthing systems, including:

TN-S system

In this system, we separate earth conductor for each electrical appliance, and the neutral conductor for earthing.

TN-C system

In this system, we use the neutral conductor for both for the supply of electricity and as the earth conductor.

TN-C-S system

This system combines elements of both TN-C and TN-S systems, with separate earth conductors used for high-current electrical appliances.

TT system

In this system, we made each electrical appliance connected to earth via a separate earth electrode. This is applicable when situations where the earth resistance is high.

IT system

 we made each electrical appliance in this system isolated from the ground, as well as any defects that are coming with it, using monitoring system. we usually applied in settings like hospitals where there is a greater risk of electric shock.

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