Photograph showcasing 'TAKO since 1979's Lightning Rod Malaysia Solutions' with a focus on elevating high-rise building safety. The image features innovative lightning rod technology designed to enhance safety measures in Malaysian high-rise structures

TAKO since 1979’s Lightning Rod Malaysia Solutions: Elevating High-Rise Building Safety

Welcome to TAKO, the leader in lightning rod Malaysia since 1979, keeping you safe from lightning damage. Malaysia, known as the ‘Crown of Lightning,’ faces a big challenge. It has the world’s third-highest lightning strikes, with 180-260 thunderstorm days each year, and experiences the effects of lightning. Tall buildings and structures are especially at risk to be struck by lightning.

TAKO is here to help. We’re experts in lightning protection systems, including surge protection devices (surge protectors) and grounding systems. Every year, there are about 22 lightning-related deaths and over 70% of power outages are because of lightning. That’s why good protection is so important.

Understanding Lightning Rod Malaysia

What is a Lightning Rod?

earthing and lightning protection design

In big storms with electricity, tall buildings need something called a lightning rod, such as an early streamer emission rod, to stay safe. The lightning rod, also known as air terminal, has two main jobs. First, it catches lightning before it hits the building. Then, they provide a path to the lightning, that is path to ground for the high voltage safely through earth rods.

The Malaysian Context

In Malaysia, thunderstorms happen a lot, around 180-260 days every year. So, it’s really important to have good protection against lightning strikes. Given the moniker “Crown of Lightning,” Malaysia faces the third-highest lightning density globally, requiring tailored solutions. TAKO, as a stalwart in the field since 1979, understands the unique considerations this region demands.

TAKO follows the Malaysian Standard MS IEC 62305 for lightning rods conductors. This means our solutions meet strict rules for design, installation, checkups, and upkeep. We’re dedicated to shielding tall buildings from lightning strikes. We carefully design our systems to match Malaysia’s frequent lightning activity.

Role of Lightning Rods in High-Rise Building Safety


Protecting Structures

Imagine a high-rise building as a fortress, and lightning as the formidable enemy at its gates. Here, lightning rods from TAKO stand as vigilant guardians.

By intercepting lightning strikes, these rods divert the potential electrical energy safely into the ground through the earthing system. This protection isn’t just a shield. It’s a system that defends buildings strategically. It keeps buildings strong and stops lightning strikes from causing damage.

Preventing Disruptions

In Malaysia, where lightning is common, storms can cause big problems. Lightning causes most of the power outages here, about 70%. It can damage electronic devices.

TAKO’s lightning rods help. They stop lightning from causing too much trouble. They keep important systems running smoothly.


Ensuring Occupant Safety

Beyond safeguarding structures and systems, TAKO’s lightning rods prioritize the safety of those dwelling within high-rise buildings. Lightning discharge can pose a severe risk of injury to occupants.

TAKO carefully crafts solutions to reduce this danger. They make sure that tall buildings in Malaysia stay safe during thunderstorms. It’s not just about protecting buildings; it’s about securing the lives within them.

TAKO since 1979 as the Best Lightning Protection System Provider

TAKO’s Lightning Rod Solutions

Customized Approach

At TAKO, we know every tall building in Malaysia has its own problems with lightning. That’s why our lightning protection solutions aren’t the same for everyone. We look at your building closely and figure out what you need. Then, we make a plan just for you to keep your building safe from lightning strikes.

Experienced Team 👷🏻‍♂️

With over 21 years of unwavering commitment to lightning protection, TAKO boasts an experienced team of professionals. Our experts bring a wealth of industry knowledge, having successfully secured numerous structures from the perils of lightning strikes. You can rely on our team to give you solutions that last, giving you peace of mind despite the challenges in Malaysia.

Quality Materials 🧱

Quality is non-negotiable in the realm of lightning protection. TAKO emphasizes your safety by utilizing only ISO-certified materials in our lightning rod solutions. We promise to do our best, making sure that what we offer lasts long and keeps your investment safe. This means protecting both your building and the people and things inside it.

Affordable Pricing 💲

Ensuring the safety of your high-rise building shouldn’t be a financial burden. TAKO believes in making lightning protection accessible to all. Our commitment starts with a free consultation and inspection, valued at RM380.

Additionally, we provide choices for bargaining to fit our services within your budget. We emphasize safety at all times and avoiding any actions that could jeopardize it. Your peace of mind is priceless, and at TAKO, we make it affordable.


In conclusion, TAKO’s legacy since 1979 has been synonymous with excellence in Lightning Rod Malaysia solutions. Elevate your high-rise building safety with TAKO’s proven Lightning Rod Malaysia solutions. Consult with us today and embark on a journey towards unparalleled safety and peace of mind.

At TAKO, keeping you safe is our top concern. We see every tough situation as a chance to make your tall building even safer.


How much is a lightning protection system in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, the cost of a lightning protection system can vary. It depends on factors like the size of the building, the installation difficulty, and the specific system chosen. It’s best to get in touch with local lightning protection system companies or builders for a clear idea of how much it’ll cost.

How much did the lightning rod cost?

The cost of a lightning rod can vary based on factors like materials, design, and installation. Generally, the cost of a basic lightning rod can range from a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. For an accurate estimate, it’s best to consult with lightning protection system providers in your area.

What is the lifespan of a lightning protection system?

How long a lightning protection system lasts depends on things like the materials, installation, and the environment it’s in. A well-maintained system can last for several decades. Regular inspections and maintenance are essential to ensure the system’s effectiveness and longevity.

How do I know if I need lightning protection?

If your area gets lots of thunderstorms, it’s smart to consider how to keep your property safe from lightning. Talking to a lightning protection expert can help figure out the risks and if you need a lightning protection system.

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