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TAKO earthing and lightning protection system plan includes lightning protection risk assessment software tailored to Malaysia’s environment. Our risk assessment follows Malaysia’s parameters and meets the latest standard, MS IEC 62305, for lightning protection.

Lightning Risk Assessment MS IEC 62305

MS IEC 62305 is a Malaysian standard that protects buildings and other structures from lightning strikes. It defines how to design, install, inspect, and maintain lightning protection systems in Malaysia. There are four major sections in this standard:

  • Risk assessment: It helps to figure out how likely it is for lightning to strike a building. It considers factors such as location, size, and function.
  • Lightning protection system Design: It involves choosing the right components. For example, components like lightning rods, wires, and surge protection devices to stop damage to the building.
  • Installation and commissioning: We will install and commission the system according to the design specifications.
  • Inspection and maintenance: Regular inspections and maintenance are important. This is to ensure that the lightning protection system functions effectively all the time.

This standard is all about making buildings safer from lightning strikes. It also aims to protect the people inside and nearby by following these rules.

Who certifies lightning protection in Malaysia?

Suruhanjaya Tenaga Energy commission

Licensed electrical contractors registered with the Energy Commission install lightning protection systems in Malaysia. These contractors follow a set of guidelines called the Malaysian Standard MS IEC 62305. This is to ensure proper design, installation, inspection, testing, and maintenance of the systems.

The Malaysian Association of Lightning Protection and Earthing Systems (MALPES) aims to ensure the proper use of lightning protection and earthing systems. They provide training and certification for professionals involved in lightning protection system work.

How is lightning protection measured in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, we measure lightning protection by setting up a lightning protection system (LPS) according to Malaysian Standards. The standards followed are MS IEC 62305-1 to 4:2012. These standards define how to design, install, inspect, and maintain an efficient earthing and lightning protection system. 

A lightning protection system consists of conductors, air terminals, and grounding systems. Together, they intercept and safely disperse the electrical energy from lightning strikes. Then, we measure the efficiency of the lightning protection system. We do it by assessing the chance of lightning strikes harming or injuring people inside a building or other structures.

We conduct a risk assessment for lightning protection to assess the risk of lightning strikes. The risk assessment takes into consideration the location, size, and function of the building. Not only that, the frequency of lightning in that environment is also one of the factors. These factors help to determine the level of protection and design that is suitable for lightning protection.

Once installed, the grounding and lightning protection system undergoes examination and testing to ensure compliance with Malaysian Specifications and adequate lightning protection. In conclusion, installing and maintaining lightning protection systems in Malaysia must comply with Malaysian Standards. This is to reduce the risk of damage and injury.

What is the best ISO for lightning in Malaysia?

The most suitable ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standard for lightning protection in Malaysia is MS IEC 62305-1 to 4:2012. This standard provides detailed guidance on lightning protection solutions for buildings and structures in Malaysia.

The standard considers the local lightning environment. It also provides a framework for assessing the risk of damage or injury caused by lightning strikes. It also outlines the requirements for lightning protection system components such as air terminals, conductors, and grounding systems.

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