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TAKO since 1979: Stop Damage with CCTV Lightning Protection

Protect your valuable CCTV system from the devastating effects of lightning strikes with TAKO advanced lightning protection solutions. Lightning strikes are a powerful force of nature, causing billions of dollars in damage worldwide each year. In Malaysia alone, lightning strikes are responsible for numerous power outages, equipment damage, and even fatalities. During storms, your home’s CCTV system/surveillance cameras can be struck by lightning.

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Why Security Cameras Attract Lightning

Lightning strikes naturally seek the shortest path to the ground. Metal objects, due to their excellent conductive properties, act as attractive targets for these powerful electrical currents. Tall metal poles often hold security cameras connected by long wires. This setup makes them perfect targets for lightning strikes.

CCTV Lightning Protection

Tako: Your Trusted Partner for CCTV Lightning Protection

With 44 years of experience, Tako is committed to top-notch CCTV lightning protection. We offer various solutions like lightning rods/air terminal systems, surge protectors, and grounding systems. They keep your security system safe, even in harsh weather. Trust Tako for your protection needs.

Benefits of Choosing Tako for CCTV Lightning Protection

Protect your valuable investment and ensure robust security with Tako’s advanced CCTV lightning protection solutions.

In today’s world, a robust CCTV system is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. It safeguards your property, provides valuable evidence in case of incidents, and grants you priceless peace of mind. But what happens when a powerful lightning storm strikes, putting your entire security system at risk?

Why Choose Tako for CCTV Lightning Protection?

When it comes to safeguarding your valuable CCTV system, choosing the right provider is critical. Here’s why TAKO stands out as your trusted partner in lightning protection:

When it comes to safeguarding your valuable CCTV system, choosing the right provider is critical. Here’s why TAKO stands out as your trusted partner in lightning protection:

1. Experience and Expertise

Since 1979, Tako has amassed over 44 years of experience in developing and implementing effective lightning protection solutions. Our deep knowledge helps us understand the problems CCTV systems have in lightning storms. This lets us create the best protection for you.

2. Quality Products

At Tako, we are unwavering in our commitment to quality. We carefully design and test every part of our CCTV system protection. This includes air terminal systems that redirect energy safely and surge protectors that soak up harmful voltage surges. We make sure your CCTVs are protected against lightning.

3. Professional Installation

Proper installation is crucial for the optimal performance of your lightning protection system. At Tako, we understand this vital aspect.

Our team comprises skilled, certified, and well-trained technicians. They understand lightning protection and CCTV system needs. They will carefully install your system according to the highest safety standards, ensuring complete protection for your investment.

4. Customer Service

We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients. At Tako, our commitment extends far beyond the initial installation. We offer exceptional customer service and support, available before, during, and after the installation process. Our team is always ready to answer your questions, address your concerns, and provide you with expert advice.



  • How can I protect my CCTV from lightning?
    • Install lightning arresters: This tool steer extra voltage from lightning away from your CCTV system. It makes sure your devices are protected from direct lightning strikes.
    • Ensure proper grounding: Ensure to ground your CCTV system, including cameras, cables, and power supply. This helps disperse any electric surges from lightning strikes.
    • Use surge protection devices: Put surge protectors on power lines and data cables. They soak up sudden voltage spikes from lightning.
    • Employ shielding: Use shielded cables and enclosures for your CCTV system. This reduces the chance of electromagnetic interference from lightning.
  • Can lightning damage CCTV?

    Certainly! Lightning strikes can harm CCTV systems. Lightning carries high voltage and current. It can overwhelm and destroy electronic parts like cameras, DVRs, cables, and power supplies if there's no protection.

  • What is the best lighting for CCTV?

    The type of lighting you need for CCTV systems varies depending on where and how you use them.

    Outdoors, especially at night or when it's dark, infrared (IR) illuminators are popular. They emit light that CCTV cameras with IR sensors can see but people can't. This way, you get clear images without tipping off intruders.

    Indoors, it's essential to have good ambient lighting for CCTV to work well.

  • What is surge protector in CCTV?

    A surge protector in a CCTV system keeps it safe from sudden power surges. Lightning, power cuts, or electrical problems can cause these surges.

    Surge protectors send extra voltage safely to the ground. This saves delicate parts like cameras and monitors from harm. They're vital for CCTV systems, especially in places with lots of lightning or power issues.

TAKO: Your Trusted Partner for CCTV Lightning Protection

Contact TAKO today and let our experts help you create a customized CCTV lightning protection solution for your home. Avoid any possible lightning damage now!​
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