TAKO, the best among the Lightning Protection Companies since 1979, symbolizing excellence and total solutions in safeguarding against lightning strikes.

TAKO since 1979: Total Solutions by One of the Best Lightning Protection Companies

In a world where nature’s power can be dangerous, protecting against lightning discharge is really important. Lightning is amazing but it can also be destructive. That’s why we need experts to help keep us safe. TAKO is one of these lightning protection companies.

TAKO founded itself in 1979 and has emerged as a significant player in lightning protection. Right from the start, their goal has been to offer complete solutions, not just basic protection. They want to understand each client’s needs and provide the best possible service.

Why TAKO is One of the Best Lightning Protection Companies?

21+ Years of Industry Experts in Lightning Protection Solutions

TAKO’s Lightning Protection Excellence comes from a team with lots of experience. They’ve been around since 1979 and have kept up with new technology and standards. The people at TAKO know a lot and use their knowledge to give clients the best solutions. Their seasoned team, adept at navigating the nuances of lightning protection, ensures a level of protection that instils confidence.

High-Quality Materials and ISO Certifications

TAKO always picks top-notch materials for its lightning protection systems to protect structures. These materials have ISO certifications, showing they’re of the highest quality. This commitment to quality means TAKO’s installations last long and stay strong, reducing the risk of damage to buildings. This proves TAKO’s dedication to long-lasting solutions and high quality lightning protection.

TAKO since 1979: The best among the Best Lightning Protection Companies

Affordable Pricing and Value-Added Consultation

Many people think good lightning protection costs a lot. But TAKO is committed to keeping it affordable. The company believes that safety should be accessible to all.

TAKO provides free consultations worth RM380, allowing clients to explore tailored solutions without financial commitment upfront. This transparent and customer-centric approach reflects TAKO’s dedication to making advanced lightning protection solutions within reach.

Diverse Range of Services

TAKO offers a complete package of services for earthing and lightning protection solutions. It covers everything you need to protect buildings and electrical systems from the effects of lightning strikes. These services include:

  1. Site Inspection: TAKO’s experts conduct thorough site inspections to assess weaknesses and devise tailored protection strategies.
  2. Risk Assessment: TAKO uses top-notch tech and follows global rules like MS IEC 62305. They check how likely lightning is to hit by looking at different things.
  3. Lightning Arresters: They have lightning arrester (air terminal) solutions that protect against lightning strikes.
  4. Earthing Systems: Recognizing the significance of grounding in lightning protection, TAKO implements robust earthing systems/bonded grounded systems to dissipate electrical energy safely.
  5. Customized Solutions: TAKO is proud to offer customized solutions for each client’s needs. This special approach makes sure our solutions are as safe and effective as possible against lightning damage risks.


In nature, lightning can be super strong, so it’s really important to have good lightning protection. TAKO has been making top-notch protection for over 20 years. They don’t just offer solutions; they give you full shields against nature’s surprises. They offer a quality lightning protection system for you.

Your Shield Awaits – Contact TAKO Today

Start a journey where your safety is super important. Contact TAKO for special lightning protection made just for you. Our team has 21+ years of experience. We’ll make a shield that doesn’t just handle lightning, but beats it.

Don’t wait for lightning to hit. Call TAKO now for total lightning protection. You deserve to be safe.

TAKO's Total Solution for Your Safety


How much does lightning protection cost?

The cost of lightning protection depends on several factors. Some of them are the size of the building, how complex the system has to be, and how much protection you require. TAKO determines the optimal solution for you and then examines your place to identify the action plan. After that, they decide how much it will cost based on what you need.

Is lightning protection worth it?

Absolutely. Lightning protection is an investment in safeguarding lives, property, and critical infrastructure. Research has proven that lightning warning systems, like the ones from TAKO, really work. They help a lot in lowering the chances of lightning strikes that can harm people or properties.

How long does lightning protection last?

When installed and maintained correctly, lightning protection systems, including grounding systems and surge protection devices, have a long lifespan. TAKO designs and sets up top-quality systems. They also have yearly maintenance programs to keep them working well.

How often should lightning protection be serviced?

Regular maintenance is crucial for the ongoing effectiveness of lightning protection systems. TAKO recommends annual lightning protection maintenance programs. These programs include inspections, testing, and data collection, ensuring that your system continues to provide reliable protection.

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