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TAKO since 1979: Cost-Effective ESE Lightning Protection System Installation for Maximized Safety


At TAKO, we’re proud of our 20+ years of leading the way in lightning protection. Since 1979, we’ve been at the forefront, providing top-notch solutions to shield structures from lightning damage. Our focus here is on our budget-friendly Early Streamer Emission (ESE) Lightning Protection System. It’s all about boosting safety while cutting risks.

TAKO since 1979 as the Best Lightning Protection System Provider

ESE Lightning Protection System

Active ESE Lightning Arrester, TAKO

Early Streamer Emission (ESE) technology stands as a cutting-edge advancement in lightning protection. TAKO designed an ESE Lightning Protection System to provide better safety. This system does so by giving early warnings and emitting streamers before lightning strikes. This proactive approach sets our system apart, providing crucial additional seconds for individuals and assets to secure shelter.

What is Early Streamer Emission?

Early Streamer Emission (ESE) technology represents a paradigm shift in lightning protection, offering a proactive defense against the unexpected forces of nature. We design our ESE Lightning Protection System with precision to give an early warning. It detects lightning discharges before they happen. This unique feature distinguishes our system, giving people and valuable items time to find shelter quickly.

How ESE Technology Works?

At its core, ESE technology leverages the principles of physics to emit streamers ahead of an impending lightning strike. We strategically designed the system to anticipate the formation of ionization in the atmosphere, helping the release of streamers. These streamers, in turn, create an ionized path that redirects the lightning towards the grounded lightning rod.

The ESE Lightning Protection System boosts safety by releasing streamers early. This extends the protection area, shielding against active lightning strikes. It keeps people safe and protects vital assets, infrastructure, and equipment.


In conclusion, TAKO since 1979 stands as a beacon of excellence in the field of lightning protection. We promise to offer affordable, tailored solutions. Our track record and skilled team make us industry leaders. For those seeking advanced lightning protection without compromising on safety or budget, TAKO is the trusted partner.

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What is an ESE system?

An ESE (Early Streamer Emission) system helps protect buildings from lightning strikes. It has a lightning rod with a device that releases ions into the air early. This ESE air terminal and its system make a path for lightning to follow, reducing the risk of damage.

How does the ESE type lightning arrester work?

ESE lightning arresters function by releasing ions into the air nearby, making a path for lightning. Sometimes, people also call them early streamer emission air terminals. When a storm comes, the system’s early emission technology lets out ions beforehand. This makes the lightning rod cover a larger area, improving the protection around the building.

What is the difference between conventional and ESE lightning protection?

Conventional lightning protection relies on passive rods and conductors without the ionization feature. In contrast, ESE systems incorporate ionization technology to enhance the effectiveness of lightning capture. ESE systems claim to provide a larger protection radius and earlier triggering of the lightning strike path

What are the benefits of ESE lightning arresters?

– Extended protection radius: ESE systems claim to offer a larger area of protection compared to conventional lightning protection.
– Early streamer emission: The ionization technology promotes an early triggering of the lightning strike path.
– Improved efficiency: ESE lightning arresters can optimize lightning capture and dissipation.

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