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TAKO since 1979: STOP RM250 Million Losses with External Lightning Protection for Businesses


This article discusses the significance of exterior lightning protection systems for businesses and how TAKO, a trusted name in lightning protection since 1979, may help you avoid these risks.

external lightning protection

What is External Lightning Protection?

An exterior lightning protection system is a collection of components intended to safely deflect a lightning strike away from your structure and into the earth. Here is a breakdown of the main components:

The Air Termination System is a network of conductors, often rods or wires, that intercepts lightning strikes at your structure’s highest point.

Down Conductors: These strong conductors safely transport high-voltage current down the outer walls of your building to the earthing system.

Earthing System: This network of electrodes buried in the ground safely distributes lightning current into the earth.

Benefits of External Lightning Protection

Investing in a properly built and maintained exterior lightning protection system provides various benefits to your business:

Protect Property and Equipment: Lightning strikes can result in deadly fires, electrical surges, and explosions. External lightning protection devices considerably reduce the likelihood of such damage, thereby safeguarding your important assets and infrastructure.

Ensure Employee Safety: A properly operating lightning protection system reduces the danger of injuries or fatalities caused by direct or indirect lightning strikes, resulting in a safer work environment for your employees.

Reduce Business Disruption: Lightning strikes can disrupt operations and result in costly downtime. External lightning protection systems contribute to business continuity and loss minimization by preventing potential harm.

Potential Insurance Benefits: Many insurance companies provide premium savings to buildings that have properly installed and maintained lightning protection systems.

The Risks of Neglecting External Lightning Protection

Neglecting exterior lightning protection might have catastrophic repercussions.

Property Damage: A single lightning strike can cost millions of Ringgit in damage to buildings, equipment, and goods, as indicated by DOSM’s estimate of RM250 million in yearly lightning-related losses.

Equipment Failure: Lightning strikes can create electrical surges that harm sensitive electronic equipment, resulting in costly repairs or replacements.

Safety Hazards: Lightning strikes, without suitable protection, can represent a major threat to the safety of your personnel, perhaps resulting in injuries or even fatalities.

Importance of Standards and Regulations

Compliance with Malaysian lightning protection standards, such as MS IEC 62305, is critical for assuring the performance of your exterior lightning protection system. These standards give guidance for designing, installing, inspecting, and maintaining lightning protection systems, ensuring that your organisation is adequately protected.

TAKO, Your Expert Partner for External Lightning Protection Maintenance

TAKO, a known name in lightning protection since 1979, provides comprehensive solutions for Malaysian enterprises. We provide:

High-Quality Lightning Protection Systems: We build our products to the highest standards, ensuring maximum protection.

Experienced and Qualified Professionals: Our team of experts can handle all parts of your external lightning protection requirements, from initial consultation and design to installation and maintenance.

Regular Maintenance and Inspection Services: Keeping your outdoor lightning protection system in good working order requires regular maintenance. TAKO provides comprehensive maintenance programmes to keep your system in great condition.

Do not wait for a calamity to strike. Contact TAKO today for a free consultation to understand how our dependable external lightning protection systems may help you STOP RM250 million in losses and secure the safety of your business, property, and employees.


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What is external lightning protection?

External lightning protection is a set of components erected on the outside of a building to safely divert a lightning strike away from the structure and into the ground. It functions as a controlled conduit for the tremendous current, limiting harm to the building and its people.

How can you protect a building from external lightning strokes?

An exterior lightning protection system is typically made up of three basic components:
Air Termination System: A network of conductors (often rods or wires) is erected at the building’s highest points, such as the roof or corners. It works as a lightning rod, attracting the strike.
Down Conductors: These strong conductors safely transport high-voltage current down the outer walls of the structure. They’re engineered to withstand massive currents without melting or breaking.
The earthing system is a network of electrodes installed in the ground that disperse lightning current harmlessly into the earth.

What is the best protection against lightning?

There is no single “best” method of lightning protection, but a well-designed and maintained external lightning protection system is widely regarded as the most effective approach to protect structures against direct strikes and their devastating effects. It dramatically lowers the risk of fires, electrical surges, and structural damage caused by lightning.

What are the two types of lightning protection system?

There are two major types of lightning protection systems:
External Lightning Protection System (ELPS): As previously stated, this system aims to redirect lightning strikes away from the building and into the earth.
Internal Lightning Protection Systems (LPS): This system is designed to protect the interior of the structure from the impacts of a lightning strike, such as surges that flow through electrical wire or data lines. It frequently employs surge arrestors and specialised grounding procedures.

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