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TAKO since 1979: Innovative Lightning Protection Design for Building Safety with Unrivalled Expertise


In today’s world of sophisticated building design and construction, maintaining buildings’ safety from numerous dangers is critical. Lightning protection design is vital to protecting buildings and infrastructure from the deadly impacts of lightning strikes. TAKO, founded in 1979, has created an unrivalled reputation for perfecting lightning protection design, offering incomparable expertise and solutions to building safety and infrastructure stakeholders.

Understanding Lightning Protection Design

Understanding lightning protection design involves more than just putting a lightning rod. It’s a complicated strategy that necessitates a thorough grasp of lightning itself. The design is influenced by factors such as peak current, channel temperature, and strike impulse. TAKO engineers take into account these factors, as well as the building’s size, materials, surrounding geography, and local weather patterns. This thorough examination enables them to design a specific lightning protection system. The system works in three stages: collecting the strike with air terminals, safely transferring the current down conductors to the earth, and successfully dissipating the energy into the ground using an earthing system. Each component is precisely designed and integrated to provide a comprehensive and dependable protection solution.

TAKO’s Experience and Expertise

With over four decades of experience in lightning protection systems, TAKO has developed its knowledge to an unrivalled level. Their staff of highly experienced experts has a thorough understanding of lightning physics and engineering principles. This expertise leads to innovative and dependable lightning protection technologies that prioritise building safety.

MS IEC 62305

TAKO Certifications

TAKO has certifications that reflect their dedication to industry standards and best practices, which strengthens their knowledge even further. For example, Suruhanjaya Tenaga Malaysia has certified them with MS IEC 62305, indicating that they adhere to this complete standard for lightning protection system design, installation, inspection, and maintenance.  This certification, combined with their usage of ISO-certified high-quality products, demonstrates their commitment to providing clients with the most dependable and effective solutions.

MS IEC 62305

The IEC 62305 standard provides the foundation for designing, installing, inspecting, and maintaining Lightning Protection Systems (LPS). It is a collection of international documents that establish a comprehensive framework for ensuring the safety of structures from lightning strikes.

Here’s how TAKO would evaluate the IEC 62305 standard:

Comprehensive: The standard addresses all aspects of LPS, including risk assessment, design concepts, material selection, installation standards, inspection protocols, and maintenance needs.

Performance-Based: Rather than specifying prescriptive prescriptions, it outlines the performance objectives that an LPS must meet. This provides for design flexibility while maintaining efficacy.

Globally Recognised: The IEC 62305 standard, widely adopted around the world, establishes a uniform language and method to lightning protection, encouraging consistency and safety across areas.

Key Considerations in Lightning Protection Design

Beyond the technical issues, good lightning protection design requires a strategic approach. TAKO focuses on the following critical considerations:

Risk Assessment: A complete assessment of the possible dangers posed by lightning strikes to the specific building and its occupants is required. This assessment serves as the foundation for designing an adequate protection system.

System Design: TAKO experts methodically plan the layout and configuration of the lightning protection system to ensure maximum effectiveness. This involves selecting the proper materials, conductors, and air terminals to ensure a well-integrated and dependable solution.

Compliance and Standards: Following industry regulations and best practices is critical. TAKO assures that their designs meet all applicable national and international standards, giving building owners and stakeholders peace of mind.

Maintenance and Inspection: Regular maintenance and inspections are essential for keeping the system reliable and functional. TAKO provides comprehensive maintenance programmes to ensure the long-term performance of their lightning protection devices.

Unrivalled Expertise: TAKO’s Approach to Lightning Protection Design

What distinguishes TAKO is their persistent dedication to excellence in lightning protection design. Here’s what distinguishes them from the competitors:

Incorporating Advanced Technologies and Innovations: TAKO is constantly striving to incorporate the newest advances in lightning protection technologies into their designs. This ensures that their solutions continue to be the most effective and reliable.

Tailoring Solutions: They recognise that a one-size-fits-all approach is ineffective in lightning protection. TAKO methodically tailors their solutions to each project’s specific requirements, delivering maximum safety for every structure.

Comprehensive Support: TAKO’s commitment goes beyond design and installation. They offer comprehensive support throughout the project lifetime, from initial consultation to continuous maintenance, assuring a smooth and worry-free experience for their clients.

Lightning Rods 1


Since 1979, TAKO has been a leader in lightning protection design. Their unrivalled experience, along with a commitment to innovation and client satisfaction, positions them as a reliable partner for building safety and infrastructure stakeholders.  Contact TAKO immediately if you have a project that requires comprehensive lightning protection solutions.

Lightning strikes can have fatal consequences, but with TAKO’s comprehensive solutions, you can protect your structure and its people. Their team of professionals will collaborate with you to identify your exact requirements and create a lightning protection system that meets the highest standards.

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By collaborating with TAKO, you are not only investing in your building’s safety, but also contributing to a safer future for everyone. Their commitment to quality extends beyond individual projects; they actively participate in industry innovations and knowledge sharing to raise the overall level of lightning protection.

Make the smart decision. Choose TAKO to meet your lightning protection needs. Experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your building is protected from lightning’s destructive power.


What is the design standard for lightning protection system?

TAKO emphasises compliance with recognised international standards such as IEC 62305 (series) or similar national standards. These standards set out a complete framework for designing, installing, inspecting, and maintaining lightning protection systems.

What is the best protection against lightning?

There is no single “best” option, as good protection requires a comprehensive approach. TAKO believes in a well-designed and installed Lightning Protection System (LPS) that includes the following three critical components:
Lightning strikes are captured at air terminals.
Down conductors: These safely carry current to the earth.
Earthing System: The Earthing System effectively distributes energy into the ground.

What is the method of protection against lightning?

A thorough LPS is the basic technique, although other protection measures such as surge protectors can be used for sensitive electronic equipment within the building.

What is the IEC 62305 standard for lightning protection?

IEC 62305 (or its country equivalent) serves as the gold standard for lightning protection. This international framework goes beyond basic principles by specifying performance targets and best practices for designing, installing, inspecting, and maintaining a comprehensive Lightning Protection System (LPS) to ensure the safety of your structure.

What is a lightning design?

TAKO considers a lightning design to be a tailored strategy for a certain structure. It takes into account the building’s size, materials, use, and local lightning danger to design a comprehensive LPS that fulfils all applicable regulations and provides optimal protection.

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