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Tower Lightning Protection

In the fast-evolving landscape of infrastructure development, safeguarding against the relentless force of lightning is not just a choice but a necessity. Since 1979, TAKO has been at the forefront of Tower Lightning Protection, boasting 21+ years of invaluable experience and a remarkable portfolio of 36 certified inventions. This comprehensive guide explores the definition, benefits, and innovative solutions TAKO brings to the table for businesses in need of robust Tower Lightning Protection.

Defining Tower Lightning Protection

Tower Lightning Protection involves a series of strategic measures designed to shield structures, equipment, and personnel from the potentially devastating effects of lightning strikes. TAKO’s approach is rooted in providing a holistic solution that goes beyond conventional lightning rods. With a focus on troubleshooting existing systems, installing effective earthing for grounding, and safeguarding electronic equipment from transient overvoltage, TAKO’s Tower Lightning Protection System is a one-stop solution for diverse building types.

The Total Solution for Your Earthing and Tower Lightning Protection System

Building Structure & Electrical Damages

Lightning surges pose a significant threat to electrical and electronic devices. TAKO addresses this risk by not only troubleshooting existing lightning protection systems but also by providing effective earthing solutions for grounding and protection against transient overvoltage.

Active ESE Lightning Protection System

TAKO’s Active Early Streamer Emission (ESE) Lightning Protection System stands as a testament to innovation. By intercepting lightning strikes at a greater distance from the protected structure, TAKO ensures enhanced protection for building structures.

Reliable Service, Experienced Team, Customized Solution

TAKO’s commitment to providing a total solution is evident in its reliable service, experienced team, and customized solutions. From design and installation to testing and maintenance, TAKO’s experts bring over two decades of knowledge to create plans that work seamlessly.

Protecting Diverse Properties

TAKO caters to a wide range of property types not only for Tower, but also offering its Lightning Protection Plan for:

Tower Lightning Protection 1
Tower Lightning Protection 2
Tower Lightning Protection 3
List of Properties
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Factories/Manufacturing Plants
  • High-rise Buildings (Residential and Commercial)
  • Bungalow Houses
  • Heritage Buildings
  • Open-Air Theme Parks

“We got you covered in total solutions for your earthing and lightning protection system plan!”

Real-world Application

Lightning Protection System 1
Lightning Protection System 2
Lightning Protection System 3
Lightning Protection System 4
Lightning Protection System 5

Lightning Protection for Granite Premix Tower and Weight Bridge System at Kulai, Johor

TAKO’s expertise is not just theoretical but proven in the field. The successful implementation of Lightning Protection and Earthing Systems for the Granite Premix Tower and Weight Bridge System at Kulai, Johor, attests to the effectiveness of TAKO’s solutions in real-world scenarios.

Introduction to Lightning System

A well-designed earthing and lightning protection system serves as a shield against the harmful effects of lightning strikes, lowering the risk of electrical fires, equipment damage, and personal injury. Effective systems, like those provided by TAKO, boast an impressive protection rate of 84% to 99%.

Components of Lightning Protection Systems to Safeguarding Towers

Lightning Protection System 3

Understanding the key components of TAKO’s Lightning Protection Systems is crucial for appreciating their efficacy to protect towers from lightning strikes:

Air Terminals System (Lightning Rods)

Strategically placed to intercept lightning strikes before they can cause damage.

Lightning Conductors

Safely channel electrical charges from lightning into the ground, preventing damage to buildings.

Ground Connections (Electrodes)

Utilize the negative charge of the ground to neutralize positive electricity, enhancing safety.


Connect metal parts to reduce electrical charge, preventing shocks and ensuring safety.

Lightning Arresters

Divert lightning, reducing electrical charge to protect equipment and prevent harm.

TAKO’s Impact: Preventing RM250 Million in Losses for Malaysian SMEs/SMIs

TAKO’s one-stop Tower Lightning Protection System has played a pivotal role in preventing annual losses of RM250 million for Malaysian SMEs/SMIs. The comprehensive installation of lightning protection systems serves as a shield against lightning-related damage, reducing the risk of injuries, deaths, fires, and explosions.

Protecting Against Earthing and Lightning Damage

1. Troubleshoot Your System: Frequent troubleshooting is essential for early problem detection, preventing downtime, ensuring safety compliance, and extending the system’s lifespan. TAKO’s experts offer meticulous troubleshooting services to keep your system running smoothly.

2. Proper Device Protection: Investing in the right protection for electrical and electronic machinery is crucial. TAKO ensures that machinery remains safe, productive, and compliant with regulations, ultimately saving costs in the long run.

3. Install Earthing Termination System: Proper grounding is paramount for safety in electrical systems. TAKO installs reliable earthing termination systems that create a safe pathway for electrical currents, preventing shocks, fires, and equipment damage.

Earthing and Lightning Protection System in Malaysia

Proof of products with certifications

In Malaysia, the design, installation, and maintenance of earthing systems are regulated by the government to ensure safety. TAKO adheres to international standards, such as IEC 60364 and IEC 60364-5-54, providing effective grounding networks using earth rods, conductive cables, and metal plates.

Types of Lightning Protection Systems

Lightning Protection System AI Generated

TAKO acknowledges two main types of lightning protection systems:

Conventional Lightning Protection Systems

Utilizing lightning rods, conductors, and grounding systems to provide a safe path for lightning current flow.

Early Streamer Emission (ESE) Lightning Protection Systems

Employing masts or poles with metallic tips to emit streamers, intercepting lightning strikes before reaching the protected structure.

Installation and Maintenance Guidelines

For optimal functionality, lightning protection systems must be installed and maintained effectively. TAKO recommends parallel installation with the building process, periodic checks for system health, timely repairs of damages, regular testing, and compliance with safety regulations.

Conclusion: Trust TAKO for Cutting-Edge Tower Lightning Protection Solutions

In a world where lightning-induced losses can be catastrophic, TAKO stands as a beacon of reliability, offering cutting-edge Tower Lightning Protection Solutions since 1979. With a wealth of experience, a team of experts, and a commitment to customized solutions, TAKO ensures that your buildings and electrical equipment remain well-protected against the harmful effects of lightning strikes.

Secure your business from lightning risks with TAKO’s Tower Lightning Protection. Explore our 21+ years of expertise and 36 certified inventions. Contact us now for a complimentary RM380 consultation and inspection. Shield your investments with TAKO – your trusted partner in lightning protection since 1979.

For a total solution that goes beyond conventional protection, trust TAKO since 1979 to elevate your safety standards in the face of lightning threats.


How much does lightning protection cost for a tower?

The size, complexity, and particular needs of the lightning protection system can all affect how much lightning protection for a tower will cost. We advise getting in touch with TAKO for a customized consultation in order to obtain precise cost estimates.

What is Tower Lightning Protection, and why is it essential for structures?

Tower lightning protection utilizes calculated precautions to protect people, property, and equipment against lightning strikes that could cause harm. It is essential to stop lightning-related fires, equipment damage, and human injuries.

How does TAKO’s Tower Lightning Protection System differ from traditional systems?

With TAKO’s solution, you can ground your equipment effectively, troubleshoot existing systems, and protect electronic equipment from transient overvoltage—all of which go beyond traditional approaches. By intercepting lightning at a larger distance, our active ESE Lightning Protection System improves protection.

How does TAKO ensure compliance with international standards in its installations?

By following established codes and standards in Malaysia, such IEC 60364 and IEC 60364-5-54, TAKO makes sure that installations comply with global safety regulations. Effective grounding network creation requires this dedication.

What is difference between earthing and lightning protection?

Lightning protection and earthing, sometimes referred to as grounding, have different functions. By connecting electrical systems to the earth, earthing offers stability and security. It ensures correct operation and guards against electric shocks much like the foundation of a building.
Protects against lightning strikes with shields. It consists of tools that securely direct lightning currents to the ground, shielding equipment and buildings, such as surge arresters and lightning rods.

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