TAKO since 1979: Safeguarding with Lightning Risk Assessment Software

TAKO since 1979 Safeguarding with Lightning Risk Assessment Software min

Understanding Lightning Risk Assessment Software

In the face of nature’s raw power, understanding the nuances of lightning risk assessment becomes paramount. Lightning risk assessment is a way to check how likely lightning might hit buildings, things, or people nearby. Its primary goal is to mitigate the risks associated with lightning and ensure the safety of individuals and assets. This includes the protection of critical infrastructure and avoiding physical damage.

Importance for Safety

Assessing the risk of lightning is important because it helps prevent dangers before they happen. By conducting a thorough risk analysis, organizations can put in place specific protections to reduce the risk. This includes surge protective devices and grounding systems. This not only keeps buildings and equipment safe but, most importantly, saves lives from unexpected lightning strikes.

Role of Software

Step into the world of Lightning Risk Assessment Software—a high-tech wonder that changes how we understand and deal with lightning dangers. This software, a key part of TAKO’s comprehensive approach and modern solutions, simplifies the risk assessment process. It uses smart algorithms and data analysis to guess when lightning might hit and how bad it could be. This will determine the level of protection and system design required for a given structure or critical infrastructure.

Common Questions About Lightning Protection Software

In the ever-evolving landscape of lightning protection, questions arise about the tools that fortify our safety. Let’s address the queries that often spark curiosity:

What Software is Used for Lightning Protection?

Navigating the complex domain of lightning protection requires cutting-edge solutions. TAKO since 1979 employs advanced Lightning Risk Assessment Software, a technological backbone that goes beyond conventional measures. This software, similar to ETAP and others, checks the risk of lightning strikes and the resulting damage. It follows international standards smoothly.

How to Perform a Risk Assessment for a Lightning Protection System?

Conducting a comprehensive risk assessment is a diverse process. TAKO since 1979, backed by over two decades of expertise, employs a meticulous approach.
Our Lightning Risk Assessment Software analyzes factors such as location, structure size, and environmental parameters. It is to ensure a tailored evaluation aligned with the Malaysian standard MS IEC 62305. This methodology forms the cornerstone of our commitment to precision and safety.

What is the ETAP lightning risk assessment Module?

ETAP’s Lightning Risk Assessment (LRA) module emerges as a beacon in the realm of lightning protection project. TAKO integrates this module seamlessly, leveraging its capabilities to assess the chance of lightning strikes and potential damage. This collaboration exemplifies TAKO’s dedication to employing state-of-the-art technology to fortify lightning protection strategies.

What is IEC 62305?

TAKO follows the MS IEC 62305 standard to protect buildings from lightning strikes. This standard has been around since 1979. It helps design, install, check, and keep up high quality lightning protection systems. This also includes air terminals and surge protective devices.

Why Choose TAKO?

Expertise Since 1979

In the dynamic landscape of lightning protection, experience speaks volumes. TAKO since 1979 stands as a beacon of expertise, with over two decades of dedicated service. Continuous innovation marks our journey, earning accolades and recognition in the field. Entrusting your lightning protection needs to TAKO translates to a partnership with seasoned professionals committed to excellence.

Cutting-Edge Software

At the heart of TAKO’s commitment to precision lies cutting-edge Lightning Risk Assessment Software. Developed in alignment with the latest standards, our software integrates seamlessly into our comprehensive solutions. Powered by advanced algorithms, it ensures accurate analysis, allowing us to determine the possibility of lightning strikes and potential damage with unparalleled precision.

Commitment to Safety and Reliability

Safety is not just a commitment but a core value at TAKO since 1979. We understand the gravity of protecting lives and assets from the unexpected forces of lightning. Our lightning protection solutions, fortified by rigorous risk assessments, adhere to the highest standards of safety and reliability. TAKO’s commitment extends beyond compliance; it encompasses a genuine dedication to securing your surroundings.


Choosing TAKO means choosing more than four decades of expertise, industry recognition, and a commitment to the highest standards. We demonstrate our commitment to safety that surpasses mere compliance. We offer comprehensive lightning protection solutions paired with cutting-edge risk assessment software. Choose TAKO for a future where safety knows no compromise.

Your Safety, Our Priority

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