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TAKO Since 1979: Leading Residential Lightning Protection Malaysia

IntroductionResidential Lightning Protection Malaysia

Welcome to the exhilarating column of Malaysia, where thunderstorms dance with the wonders of the tropics, and lightning can be seen more frequently than the morning sun. Joining this natural scene, the protecting of the residential properties becomes paramount. In this blog post, we will explore the Residential Lightning Protection Malaysia which is TAKO, a reliable name in the domain of Lightning Protection that was started in 1979.

Understanding the Risks of Lightning Strikes

Lightning Strikes: More Than a Spectacle

1. Accidents and Damages: Lightning can damage outdoor and indoor power lines as well as external sources. From the installation of solar panels to all electrical appliances, electric fixtures, and sensitive electronics, the effect encompasses the entire building. Deadly fires and disastrous damages often imply the consequences.

2. Proactive Measures: Lightning protection proactive measures are what every second matters. It is impossible to wait for another disaster to come. Instead of waiting for legislators to design appropriate policies, homeowners need to take the initiative and come up with the effective solutions.

Introducing TAKO since 1979: A Trusted Name in Lightning Protection

MS IEC 62305 Certification

A Legacy of Excellence

TAKO, formed in 1979, will always be the torch-carrier of safety. The organization, established nearly two decades ago and has been known as the leading expert in lightning protection. The route of our company is defined by innovativeness, reliability, and commitment to protecting life, property and valuable equipment.

  1. History and Experience: Since 1979 TAKO was the first in the field of lightning protection; therefore, TAKO has been leading in this area for a long time. Our lightning protection services have spanned over 21 years, thus, denoting us as a trusted partner for residential lightning protection in Malaysia.
  2. Quality and Safety Standards: TAKO’s commitment extends beyond mere service provision. Adhering to MS IEC 62305, a standard introduced in 2007 by the MOSTI, we follow it. This handbook gives comprehensive guidelines on the planning, installation, testing, and maintenance of lightning protection systems.
  1. Certifications and Recognition: We have built up a reputation that stems from our past work. TAKO certified by different institutions is the proof of our ability. We don’t work as just another service provider but we are the symbol of credibility.

Residential Lightning Protection Solutions by TAKO

Tailored Solutions for Every Home

1. Comprehensive Range: TAKO is equipped with a variety of lightning protection systems. We provide from lightning rod to surge protection device etc.

2. Tailored Solutions: No two homes are indeed the same. TAKO modifies the systems according to residential property situation in Malaysia. Our experts evaluate the risk, particularize the design and set up protection through a tailored approach.

3. Professional Installation and Maintenance: Achievement of the lightning protective systems is entirely dependent on professional installation and periodic upgrade. TAKO makes sure that the system you run will be strong and reliable.

Key Features and Benefits of TAKOs Lightning Protection Systems

Key Features and Benefits of TAKO’s Lightning Protection Systems

Empowering Homeowners

1. Advanced Technology: TAKO integrates up-to-date technology and material into the systems. Our lightning rods, surge protectors, and grounding systems are created for maximum level of effect.

2. Risk Mitigation: TAKO’s solutions are very effective in combating risks. By protecting your property, we bring in a certain calmness even during thunderstorms.

3. Long-Term Savings: The investment in lightening protection is worth it, after all. Long-term cost saving and the feeling of safety turn the system of TAKO into a rational option for homeowners.

Ensuring Compliance and Safety Standards

Safeguarding Homes: Beyond the Basics

With regard to lightning protection it is necessary only good desires will not work. The base should be robust on the basis of industry standards and safety regulations. Let us dive into Malaysian regulatory scene and TAKO’s adherence in it.

Regulations and Standards

1. Malaysian Standards (MS): This gives the standards for Lightning protection. The TAKO standards are the same as the MS IEC 62305, which was upheld by the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation (MOSTI) in 2007. The full standard includes both design, installation, inspection, and maintenance for LPSs.

2. Safety First: Apart from complying TAKO is motivated. Our health and safety come first that’s why all our solutions comply with and even go beyond the required regulations of the industry. Our staff always in touch with updated rules to give you acuteness about rules and regulations.

Choosing a Trusted Provider

1. Certified Expertise: Trust is important when it comes to lightning protection. TAKO has credentials that attest to our proficiency. We are your safety partner in addition to being a service provider.

2. Quality Assurance: We carry out thorough quality inspections on our installations. We don’t tolerate compromising on quality of craftsmanship or materials. Our top priority is keeping you secure.

Why Choose TAKO for Residential Lightning Protection Malaysia?

The TAKO Advantages

1. Expertise: TAKO has perfected its trade over the course of more than 40 years. We are knowledgeable about risk assessment, lightning behaviour, and workable solutions.

2. Tailored Solutions: One size does not fit all according to TAKO. Our lightning protection systems are customised to your specific property requirements. Our customisation, your safety.

3. Competitive edge: TAKO’s solutions are superior than others. We stand out thanks to our cutting-edge technology, premium components, and dedication to perfection.

Developers and homeowners: Don’t expose your property to danger. For dependable, effective, and trustworthy lightning protection, go with TAKO.


In the symphony of thunderstorms, adherence to standards is our tune of safety. Since 1979, TAKO has woven a story about safety and pushed for standard procedures in the face of nature’s fury. Together, with our combined knowledge, experience, and dedication to safety, let’s strengthen our future.

You can explore TAKO’s official website for more information on their lightning protection solutions and services. Feel free to reach out to them for your residential lightning protection needs:

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How much does residential lightning protection cost?

For residential homes in Malaysia, TAKO offers customized lightning surge solutions at prices between RM1,000 and RM5,000. Purchasing lightning protection is essential if you want to protect your electronics and house from any lightning damage.

Do you need lightning protection on a house?

Yes, your home has to be protected from lightning. Lightning strikes have the potential to seriously harm appliances, electrical and electronic equipment, and even the building itself. During thunderstorms, a correctly constructed lightning protection system helps manage the discharge and reduces the chance of damage.

How can I protect my house from lightning?

Take into account these actions:
Whole-Home Surge Protection: Install surge protectors (SPDs) at the main electrical panel and point-of-use surge protectors for sensitive equipment for whole-home protection against power outages.
Lightning rods: When positioned correctly, lightning rods catch strikes and safely deflect them into the earth.
Grounding System: To disperse lightning energy, make sure there is adequate grounding.
Unplug Electronic gadgets: To avoid harm from power surges during storms, unplug electronic gadgets.
Remain Indoors: During lightning storms, stay out of the open and away from windows.

What is the best protection against lightning?

A combination of measures provides optimal protection:
Surge Protection: Whole-home surge protectors and point-of-use surge protectors.
Lightning Rods: Professionally installed lightning rods.
Grounding: Proper grounding to dissipate electrical energy.
Awareness: Educate family members about lightning safety.

How likely is it for lightning to strike your house?

Even while it’s unlikely that a single house will be struck by lightning directly, it’s important to keep in mind that lightning can still wreak harm in other ways. Lightning strikes are frequent in Malaysia because of the country’s tropical environment. It’s essential to protect your house to avoid expensive repairs and to guarantee safety.

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