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5 MAJOR reasons why Monopole Needs Lightning Protection System


Monopole towers are tall, slender structures that are used for communication, broadcasting, or power transmission. They are often exposed to harsh weather conditions, such as lightning strikes, which can cause serious damage to the tower and its equipment. Therefore, it is essential to install a proper lightning protection system for monopole towers.

5 Reasons to Install LPS on Monopole

1. LPS reduces the risk of fire and explosion

Lightning can ignite flammable materials or cause electrical arcs that can start a fire or an explosion in the tower or nearby buildings. A well-designed LPS can divert the lightning current safely to the ground and prevent it from reaching the tower components or the power supply.

2. LPS protects the tower equipment and electronics

Lightning can induce high voltages and currents in the tower cables and wires, which can damage or destroy the sensitive electronic devices, such as radios, antennas, cameras, or sensors. A good LPS can provide surge protection and grounding for the tower equipment and electronics, and minimize the impact of lightning surges.

3. LPS enhances the reliability and performance of the tower services.

Lightning can cause interruptions or failures in the tower services, such as communication, broadcasting, or power transmission. This can affect the quality and availability of the services for the customers and users. A reliable LPS can ensure that the tower services are not disrupted or degraded by lightning events.

4. LPS complies with the standards and regulations.

Monopole towers are subject to various standards and regulations regarding their design, construction, operation, and maintenance. These include the requirements for lightning protection, which vary depending on the location, function, and height of the tower. A compliant LPS can help the tower owners and operators to meet the legal obligations and avoid penalties or lawsuits.

5. LPS saves money and time in the long run.

Lightning can cause costly repairs or replacements of the tower structure, equipment, or electronics. It can also result in lost revenue or reputation due to service outages or poor quality. A cost-effective LPS can reduce the frequency and severity of lightning damage and save money and time in the long run.

Key Takeaways

Communication, broadcasting, and power transmission require tall, slender monopole towers. Lightning strikes can damage towers and equipment. Hence, lightning protection system for monopole in required.

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